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Weight In Motion - Romania



A few years ago The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca has been granted EU money to develop a research lab for students. Among the equipment the University bought was also 2 WIM systems from TDC. One system was a full PLP 4 lane WIM and AVC system and the other one was a 2 lane portable WIM and AVC system. After more than a year of functioning The University has significant data gathered and has since then produced a few articles and research papers presented and published both in Romania and abroad. At least 2 students are finalizing their Doctoral Thesis using the data from that WIM system. The most important thing is that due to the huge success of the equipment the University is very close to be funded again in a EU project to develop another location as well as to improve both sites with other equipment such as ANPR, weather sensors, noise and air pollution sensors.

Site installation in Cluj:

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